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PRESS RELEASE: Housing Affordability Missing in Latest ANU Accommodation Report

The latest report on campus accommodation (entitled ‘Review of the Division of Residential and Campus Communities’) shows that the University is more focused on its own cost cutting than taking the crisis in student housing affordability seriously. In it’s analysis of the “strategic role” of DRCC, the issue of affordability to students is notably absent.

These accommodation ‘budget solutions’ are no solutions to the serious budget crisis that many of ANU’s residents face due to housing stress. Based on a recently released Anglicare report, 87% of surveyed Canberra-based students are under housing stress and 15% have, at some point, been unable to find a suitable place to live while studying. Many students cannot afford to maintain a decent diet, let alone the health and dental services they need.  

Canberra Student Housing Cooperative believes that student housing affordability is a serious matter. Our co-operative has been offering a high-quality residential experience since 2011, at 20% less cost than the cheapest university option (and 40% cheaper than most rooms at Unilodge).

We call upon the Australian National University to take the real budget crisis seriously, that which is facing its students, by investing in the truly affordable student-driven models on offer.

CSHC Directors
0490 055 988 (Dallas)

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