At CSHC, we love eating fresh, healthy and delicious food, and we love eating together!

As we are all students who are often short on time or finances, we have set up great systems to make sure we are all always well-fed and well-nourished!

Every weekend a few of us (organised by a roster) go market shopping for the whole Co-op, and buy lots of fresh, local veggies and some fruit, with money from the communal kitty. We also get lots of fresh veggies, fruit and herbs from the garden.

We all come together as a family to eat a potluck dinner on Sunday nights at 6:30, before our weekly meeting. Anyone is welcome to join these dinners, if you’re interested in finding out more about the Co-op or interested in applying, just bring a plate to share and come and meet us! Just let us know first:

Four nights a week (Monday-Thursday) we also have a communal dinner system. Residents sign up, get rostered on for one cooking night per fortnight, and get dinner cooked for them every other night! Because we all only cook once a fortnight, we can put lots of effort in, which means that pretty much every night at the Co-op we get a delicious, nutritious, balanced home-cooked meal that we get to eat all together!

Just one way the strong, integrated systems of communal living can be energy efficient, save on waste and promote social and physical well being!