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Media release: CSHC welcomes Anglicare Report on Affordable Housing Shortage for Students

The Canberra Student Housing Cooperative (CSHC) last week welcomed Anglicare’s Report Living on the Edge which highlighted the shortage of affordable housing for tertiary students in Canberra.

The report stated that 87% of students who live out of home experience housing stress (spending 30% or more of weekly income on rent). 81% of students living in shared housing felt that housing costs took up too much of their budget.

The report also referred to previous findings by Anglicare, which state that even those students on Newstart, Youth Allowance or Austudy who receive Rent Assistance, are unable to afford shared accommodation in the ACT.

‘CSHC residents are lucky to have secure, affordable accomodation’, CSHC representative Georgia Ginnivan said. ‘But we are very aware that we are part of the privileged few. In one instance last year we had eleven times the number of applications than spots available’.

The report also noted that One solution recommended by respondents in the survey was the Student Housing Co-Op model, which provides an affordable and pleasant environment for students to live without the significant costs of constructing new college-style accommodation.’ 

The CSHC also applauds the finding that Expensive privately run student accommodation providers are not an adequate solution’.

‘We are thrilled that the co-operative model is being recognised as a serious viable alternative to current sub-par housing arrangements that so many ACT students face’, Ginnivan noted. ‘Appropriate housing stock for students is rapidly diminishing in the ACT, particularly in the Inner North, where we are. New, expensive housing developments bump up the market rent, which in turn increases what is defined as ‘affordable’.

‘We are looking forward to working with government to expand our projects to secure quality living for more Canberra students”, Ginnivan said.


Contact: Georgia Ginnivan on 0431 978 925


Read the full report

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    We have sadly seen an increase in students and young people needing help with food and bills in recent times. The cost of housing in Canberra is meaning that students and other low-income households are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their other expenses.

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