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We are currently accepting applications! If you have questions about living with us, emergency accommodation or any other queries, please send us an email at

Our community comprises of a broad range of student residents, from first year undergraduates to final year PhD candidates! Our residents come from all walks of life, and from cities and towns across Australia and the world. We’re looking for new residents, so if you’re interested in moving in, read the FAQs and submit an application using the links below.

New residents are chosen based on several factors, as we love to live with a diverse range of people.

As a ‘co-oper’ you’ll become part of a worldwide movement of student housing co-operatives. We are very different to other student residences! Co-operative living means contributing for the benefit of all residents, and being part of a community where we are constantly learning from each other. You are expected to spend about 3 hours each week on Co-op-related activities, whether this be market shopping, home decorating, cooking or gardening or any of the other eclectic things we do.

If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to read our new handbook:

Applicants must stay for at least one semester.

The first stage of applying is to fill is to click the ‘Apply Now’ button which will take you to our online application form. Fill it in carefully and answer all of the questions. If we think you have Co-op potential based on your written online application, you will be invited to the second stage of the application process, which is coming over for a dinner to hang out with our current residents. The applications coordinator will be in touch with you throughout the applications process.

Email our Applications Team ( for more information.

Upcoming Vacancies

Applications for Sem 1 2022 Casual Vacancy open till 11:59PM AEDT Friday, 21st January.