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Dear reader,

Hello and welcome back to this magical place. Sorry for the absence but you know, SO MUCH has been happening. In case, you were wondering, I will now proceed to enlighten you all through a collection of photographs.

We had a party…

HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN in May to celebrate all things scary and eat candy slash drink alcohol nom nom. Props to all the live music and excellent costumes, especially this glittery tinman…

For a more chilled atmosphere we have our weekly potluck dinners every Sunday night. Stories are shared; delicious food makes its way into our bellies, and it’s all washed down with some tasty wine and many a lol. We welcome any and all co-op enthusiasts to join us with a dish, i.e. you 🙂

Our weekly house meeting follows these dinners, so come along if you are keen to see us get down to bizness. Yeah it’s bizness time.

And if you are up for a spontaneous bike ride, then every Thursday we meet up on our bikes (other non-motor vehicles also welcome) and ride around Canberra wishing people a happy Thursday. It’s hella funtimes. Regard:

So if this hasn’t made you want to be more apart of slash LIVE in the co-op, I don’t know what will. Maybe the fact that we have some vacancies will tickle your fancy…

Two of our co-opers at the Canberra Student Housing Co-op are going away over June-July, so we’re looking for new (short-term, but sweet-term!) housemates!

Want more than just a roof over your head? Want an affordable, fun, and vibrant community home to live in? Maybe you’re just passing through Canberra for a winter course or looking to live out of home for the break?

WELL lucky for you, we have not one, but TWO rooms!!
Two rooms available from:
13th June – 29th July
21st June – 29th July

Want more information or want to apply!?
u4678126@anu.edu.au (Hannah)
edraki.f@gmail.com (Farz)

Get amongst this!

So that’s our news! Hope you are well and coping with this ridiculously cold weather. Come and warm the cockles of your heart (and bones) at the co-op.

Peace and ba-lessings


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