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ACT Government to act on Recommendation on Student Housing Cooperatives

Great news for student-driven solutions to the ACT’s housing crisis today, with the news that the Government “will adopt all the recommendations of a Legislative Assembly committee report aimed at improving student housing affordability in the ACT.”



Here’s a link to our blog post from when the report was tabled – the third recommendation in the Report was:

3.23 The Committee recommends that the ACT Government explore developing student co-operative models, along the lines of the Sydney University model, with ANU or UC and report to the Legislative Assembly on this matter.

Elsewhere, the report stated,

The Committee notes that the ACT is potentially an ideal place for an approach to alternative accommodation models for students. It is clear that, with increasing demand and difficulties in meeting that demand, there is a need for innovation and novel solutions to satisfy demand for affordable student housing.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, who is also the Minister for Higher Education, said:

“we just need to stay focused on looking at innovative ways to supply student housing in the future”.

Which sounds positive for innovative solutions like ours!

We congratulate the government on adopting the report’s recommendations, and look forward to working with them in the coming months.

UPDATE: the full Government response is available here (PDF).

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