+ What does living at the Co-op involve?

It’s expected that everyone contributes to the running of the Co-op, either through coordinating a specific area (e.g. the garden, communal dinners or finance) or just being rostered on for specific tasks throughout the week (e.g. going to the markets, setting up for an event or watering the garden). This is how we ensure the co-operative remains a fun, strong and vibrant community to live in. You will spend about an hour a week on Co-op work, and be required to attend Sunday night meetings each week.

+ Am I eligible to apply?

There are a few requirements that you need to fulfil:

1. Enrolled in a tertiary institution and studying
2. Over 18 years of age
3. Are excited to co-operate!

+ How do I apply?

1. Complete the online application form. We try to fill vacancies 2 months prior to move-in date, so don’t leave your application to the last minute!
2. Attend a communal dinner to meet the current residents (or Skype call for interstate/international applicants)
3. We’ll email you regarding the outcome of your application at the end of the application period to which you applied.

We encourage you to apply if you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, as a person who unsettles gender norms or are from a diverse background!

+ Who should I use as referees?

Currently applicants are not expected to provide a reference.

+ How much is rent and what’s included?

Rent is paid in two components: $165.50 per week to Havelock Housing Association + $60 per month to the Co-op. This includes:

  • Unlimited utilities
  • Broadband
  • Laundry
  • Weekly fresh fruit and vegies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Most Co-op events
+ What are the apartments like?

Rooms at the Co-op are similar to college rooms on campus, with built in wardrobe and sink. Photos are available on our Facebook page. Generally, a bed and a desk (and possibly a mattress) will be supplied, however this is not guaranteed.

+ I’ve still got other questions!

To find out more, please visit us on Facebook, email contact@csh.coop or come to our weekday dinners at 7:30pm!