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Director Nominations Open

Interested in being involved in the strategic direction of the Canberra Student Housing Cooperative? Want to get your hands dirty (figuratively) in some good governance of a community non-for-profit organisation? Care about affordable student housing? Then you are in luck! It is six weeks until our AGM and the Canberra Student Housing Cooperative are now taking nominations for directors.

Terms will be between six and twelve months (dependent on constitutional amendments at the next AGM)

NB: You must be a primary member of the CSHC before your appointment of director can be completed. This does not mean you cannot nominate, it just means you would need to get your primary membership completed before the AGM in six weeks. Information about becoming a primary member can be found here

Fill out this form and send to canberracoop@gmail.com by the 15th September 2013.

Even if you are fence-sitting you can withdraw later, make sure your nomination is in by the 15th September!


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Please contact canberracoop@gmail.com for more information


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