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Casual Vacancy Applications to CSHC open for Sem 1 2022

Would you like to live in a socially and politically engaged community where participation is valued and equity is considered important? Would you like to work towards greater social justice and be supported by friends while doing so? If yes, then The Canberra Students’ Housing Co-op is the perfect place for you!

At the co-op, we aim to create an inclusive and safe environment where we value each other’s differences and embrace diversity. We believe that diversity makes our community stronger and more vibrant, and helps us all to grow as individuals as we learn from others’ different experiences and perspectives. At the co-op we all play a role in making sure the co-op is a Safe Space. A Safe Space is an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable to express their individual identities, without being made to feel unwelcome because of their sex, gender identity, race, cultural background, sexuality, sexual practices, religion, or physical or mental ability. The co-op has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, harassment and bullying. 

Here is a useful article to get you thinking about living at CSHC: http://demosjournal.com/we-just-needed-a-place-to-live/

Read onward here for information about applying. We are keen to hear from you!

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