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Reminder: AGM and Directors’ Nominations

This is a reminder that our Annual General Meeting will be held on September 23rd.  There are two main tasks:

  1. to report on our activities for the past year (it’s been a BIG one); and
  2. elect our board of directors.

At the bottom of this post are two important excerpts from our Constitution (sections 26 and 5) relavent to the AGM and directors’ elections.

If you are considering nominating as a director, we need your nomination by the end of today!  Please email canberracoop (at) gmail.com (again, see below for information on how to do this).

More information on Directors

It is the directors’ responsibility to guide the cooperative according to our mission:

“providing  sustainable, affordable and inclusive housing, for students, by students.”

More specifically:

  • There are 5 directors, determined by a vote of the primary membership at the AGM.
  • Directors are also primary members.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Guiding the cooperative as a whole;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Representing the cooperative to outside parties and acting as a point of contact;
  • Legal and Financial responsibilities as specified in the Constitution and Cooperatives Act (2002);
  • Overseeing other activities such as expansion and growth, application and induction procedures, etc

Currently, directors meet weekly to discuss and decide matters concerning the duties as specified above.  Roles within the Board are not currently defined, but the board may decide to specialise roles  (eg. representatives of each committee, outreach, Havelock Liaison, active role in the induction process, communications).

Constitution excerpts

26 Annual General Meetings

26.1 The ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be –

(a) to confirm minutes of the last preceding general meeting (whether annual or special);

(b) to receive from the board, auditors, or any officers of the co-operative reports upon the transactions of the co-operative during the financial year, including balance sheet, trading account, profit and loss account, statement of cash flows, and

(c) the state of affairs at the end of that year; (d) to elect and determine the remuneration (if any) of directors.

26.2 The annual general meeting may also transact special business of which notice has been given to members in accordance with these rules.

26.3 All business of a general meeting, other than ordinary business, is special business.

5 How directors are to be elected

(a) At least 6 weeks before an annual general meeting, the board must –

(1) notify all members of the number of directors retiring at the annual general meeting in writing; and

(2) advise the members of –

(A) their eligibility to nominate as a director; and

(B) the duties and responsibilities of a director and the nomination and election procedures.

15.2 Nominations of candidates for election as directors.

(a) A nomination must –

(1) be signed by 2 or more members; and

(2) provide details of the qualifications and experience of the person nominated; and

(3) be accompanied by a notice in writing signed by the candidate agreeing to his or her nomination.

(b) The nomination and the notice must be given to the Chair of the board at least 14 days before the meeting.

(c) These details must be given to members along with a meeting notice at least 7 days before the meeting.

15.3 Manner of election

(a) The ballot for the election of directors must be conducted at the annual general meeting in the manner that the board directs.

(b) If, at the annual general meeting at which an election of directors ought to take place, the place of any retiring directors is not filled, the meeting stands adjourned until the same day and time in the next week and at the same place unless another place is specified by a director or officer of the co-operative.

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